Come see me at my new store! Helena Scal

Come see me at my new store! Helena Scalise located at 131 N Cortez, downtown Prescott!! Womens & Mens apparel &accessories.


New business is open! Website underdevel

New business is open! Website underdevelopment, e-sales coming soon. Follow the store @helenascalise

Prescott, AZ the #4 place to retire acco

Prescott, AZ the #4 place to retire according to CNN Money…what are you waiting for? Let’s get you moved here now!

gee only 49 pages of comments on the AZ

gee only 49 pages of comments on the AZ Republic article:

One person does not speak for the rest o

One person does not speak for the rest of us…Yes, diversity is welcome in Prescott, AZ!

RT @PrescottFilm: Congrats to Prescott A

RT @PrescottFilm: Congrats to Prescott AZ survival teacher, Cody Lundin, for landing a Discovery Channel series

X, Y and B

What generation are you?  What generation is your customer or client?  We hear a lot about the Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y today, but many businesses and customers have no clue how to relate to one another. 

Do you hear, or have you said these things:

“My suit is older than you!”

“Oh, you’re the same age as my grandmother!”

“Wait—did you graduate with my daughter?”

Even though you, your co-worker, customer, employee, or even employer may have said these things, it’s not to insult the age difference, but more of a realization of what the difference is.  You are both trying to figure out what bracket to put each other in, and how to work with each other (I hope..I’d hate to see these said as insults!).  Being professional in any situation needs to be a top priority, so do not take any age reference offensively, but merely a point to develop your relationship from.

Baby Boomers, or the civic generation were born before 1946.  I find myself in the category of Generation X (who comes up with these names anyway?) born between 1965-1976, and Generation Y are those born between 1976-1999.  Depending on what source you look at, these years could vary a little bit though.  So, those are the age groups in the workplace today.  Do you find yourself working with another age group and you don’t know how to handle that person?  Are they speaking a foreign language talking about Tweeting, FBing, and “friending” someone?  Are you the one who wants to Tweet out the latest company news, and you find that some employees don’t have email?  Or don’t even have (horror!) a computer?!  Yes, believe it or not, we can all get along, and learn from each other! 

Being in Generation X, I find myself between these age groups, but I find special and needed resources from them all.  I know quite a bit about social media, but there are always new tricks to learn and who better to learn from that those creating the next wave of technology?  In talking and embracing the Gen Y gang, it allows be to reach out and learn how they think, act, work, and play…which I can then convert in to ways to incorporate their needs and wants into my business to better serve them.  Same goes for the Baby Boomers, I need to be sensitive that some like to work via email, others may only want to use the phone or talk in person to communicate.  And there are many in my generation that are a cross between the two, so by having the knowledge, tools and resources to work with the various styles (and most important, learn from them), allows be to bridge any gaps and be more successful in my business. 

In doing any real estate transaction, I learn from the client their preferred way of communication.  In real estate, communication is the most important piece of the puzzle to keep the transaction together and serve my client professionally.  I will often find I am calling the agent on the other side of the transaction on the phone, then text the information to my client.  I feel it is the same, or should be, in all businesses.  Why narrow yourself to only being able to serve one type of customer?  The more diverse you can be, the more diverse-and expanded-your customer base will be.

Want to attract younger customers to your restaurant?  Get a basic website up with your menu and photos of your restaurant.  Want to attract some older clients instead?  Coupons work great for those that are retired and on a budget, and need some enticement to try a new place. 

As a real estate professional and business consultant, I have to accept all people and know how to interact successfully.  If I don’t, I am going to lose a client forever and we all know how powerful ‘word of mouth’ advertising is these days. We can all live, work and play in harmony.  I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace another generation with open arms, and prepare to reap the rewards.  Can you afford NOT to?

Ziplines Anyone?

So over Spring Break, we took a cruise down to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta.  In Puerta Vallarta we did a zipline tour….14 ziplines in what I would call a jungle, the longest and highest one about a quarter of a mile long and about 500 feet above a creek and canyon.  VERY COOL!  As I am going down the long line, I think “GRANITE DELLS!”.  Sitting at the end of the tour in the restaurant along the creek, my vision really came in full, and I knew this could be something.  A great, low-impact way to have tourist (and locals too!) enjoy our beautiful rock outcroppings…and the best part for the City?  It would create an income stream to offset the cost of buying, managing and maintaining the open space! 

I look forward to hearing back from my readers, what do you think about this idea?  Have you been on ziplines?  Where?  Pros and cons?

Yes, Arizona is more than just Cactus an

Yes, Arizona is more than just Cactus and deserts! We have some amazing vineyards too. Check this out!

Yes, Arizona is more than just Cactus an

Yes, Arizona is more than just Cactus and deserts! We have some amazing vineyards too. Check this out!

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