Ziplines Anyone?

So over Spring Break, we took a cruise down to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta.  In Puerta Vallarta we did a zipline tour….14 ziplines in what I would call a jungle, the longest and highest one about a quarter of a mile long and about 500 feet above a creek and canyon.  VERY COOL!  As I am going down the long line, I think “GRANITE DELLS!”.  Sitting at the end of the tour in the restaurant along the creek, my vision really came in full, and I knew this could be something.  A great, low-impact way to have tourist (and locals too!) enjoy our beautiful rock outcroppings…and the best part for the City?  It would create an income stream to offset the cost of buying, managing and maintaining the open space! 

I look forward to hearing back from my readers, what do you think about this idea?  Have you been on ziplines?  Where?  Pros and cons?



  1. Kathy Hanna Said:

    Great idea – will you also have a Granny Zip?

    • loralopas Said:

      Of course! The Granny Zip will be the biggest, baddest zipline of them all!

  2. Jeff Low Said:

    Great idea. Zip Line, hiking trails, rock climbing, budgy jumping should all be possiblities. There was something similar at New River Gorge in West Virginia. They have one day were everyone jumps off the bridge (paracute, bungy jumping, etc.) and it is incredible to watch.

    This idea is combination with your ecotourism thoughts is great!

  3. glenngooding Said:

    This would be a great tourist attraction. What a marketing tool. All we need now is some city imagination.

  4. Leslie Hoy Said:

    What about parking? And what about the installation, equipment, etc.? I wouldn’t want to see the mess of either from the roads and trails. Maybe there are other better places for zip lines around here?

    • loralopas Said:

      Hi! Parking will be addressed in the most environmentally sensitive manner. Personally, I see it over on Heritage, which will also get more people to experience the zoo and give one more thing for visitors to do. I see it as they did in Hawaii, and this is an opportunity to educate visitors about our nature habitat and endangered habitats! Here’s the link for EcoAdventures, they have a great concept and keep the visitors “controlled” in a way that let’s the land be explored without ruining it: this is one of the least impacts with controlled paths and still getting the scenic beauty. I was impressed how they do it in Mexico, they only run shuttles up from an office in the town so there is very little parking, and the zipline platforms were very small and very little land is disturbed.

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